Top Cat Top Cat is a 60’s Children’s TV cartoon from the stable of Hanna-Barbera. It only ran for 1 series in 1961, consisting of 30 episodes. If you watch Top Cat, you would be able to make comparisons with another show - The Phil Silvers Show, which it was based on. Top Cat is definitely the Sergeant Bilko Character and the other cats are the equivalent to Bilko's Platoon. Benny the Ball was even voiced by the same guy who played Private Doberman!   In the UK, Top Cat was renamed Boss Cat. This was because there was a cat food in the UK called Top Cat. The title of the show was changed, but in the show they still referred to him as TC & even the shows theme tune wasn't changed. Top Cat later turned up in the series - Yogi's Treasure Hunt.     Story  Top Cat is an alley cat (also known as TC), who actually lives in a trashcan in an alley in New York (Hoagy's Alley). He is the leader of a gang of cats - Benny (the Ball), Brain, Choo Choo, Fancy Fancy and Spook. He is always trying to invent schemes to earn lots of money and sends the gang out across the city to help him. But there is one person that's got wise to Top Cat's plans and that's Officer Dibble, the local policeman.   Dibble tries his hardest to stop TC and gets really mad when he finds out TC has been using the police telephone to conduct his business.   Top Cat - TC Himself Top Cat T-Shirts - Top Cat T-Shirts Top Cat DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Top Cat DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Top Cat the Complete Series Top Cat Video Top Cat - With Officer Dibble
Top Cat Episodes Series 1 (1961)  1. Hawaii Here We Come  2. The Maharajah of Pookajee  3. All That Jazz  4. The $1,000,000 Derby  5. The Violin Player  6. The Missing Heir  7. Top Cat Falls in Love  8. A Visit from Mother  9. Naked Town  10. Sergeant Top Cat  11. Choo Choo's Romance  12. The Unscratchables  13. Rafeefleas  14. The Tycoon  15. The Long Hot Winter  16. The Case of the Absent Anteater  17. T. C. Minds the Baby  18. Farewell, Mr. Dibble  19. The Grand Tour  20. The Golden Fleecing  21. Space Monkey  22. The Late T. C.  23. Dibble's Birthday  24. Choo-Choo Goes Ga-Ga  25. King For a Day  26. The Con Men  27. Dibble Breaks the Record  28. Dibble Sings Again  29. Griswold  30. Dibble's Double Top Cat Images (click to enlarge) Top Cat - Gives Him A Tip Top Cat - He Takes The Tip Back Top Cat - He's Not Really Eating There Top Cat - Time To Find Lunch Top Cat - The Workman Looks For His Lunch Top Cat - Lunch Looks Good Top Cat - Has Been Caught Top Cat - Time To Go Top Cat - Escape By Taxi Top Cat - Time To Pull Down The Blinds Top Cat - He Want A Tip Top Cat - Time To Slip Away Top Cat - Step Right Up And Win Top Cat - Titles Top Cat - At A Posh Restaurant Top Cat - Sitting Down For Lunch Top Cat - He's Gone Up In The World Top Cat - He Spots Us Top Cat - The Car Arrives Top Cat - What A Posh Car Top Cat - Oh No, It's Not His Car Top Cat - The Gang Top Cat - Choo Choo Is Surprised To See Dibble Top Cat - Officer Dibble Ends Up In The Trash Top Cat - Brain Grabs Officer Dibble Top Cat - Brain Takes Off Top Cat - Dibble Won't Find Them Here Top Cat - I Have A New Scheme Top Cat - Brain Has Second Thoughts Top Cat - Choo Choo Isn't Happy Top Cat - See The Amazing Brain Top Cat - Benny Plays Drums Top Cat - Officer Dibble Tries To Break It Up Top Cat Merchandise Books (Europe) - The Hanna-Barbera Guide To   Life: Cool Tips For Top Cats ©
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