Gordon Murray Interview We were lucky to get an interview with Gordon Murray, the creator of Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley and many more. We hope you enjoy it.   Interview Q: How did you come up with the idea of the Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley? A: I had the shows in mind for several years.   Q: Camberwick Green was the first series to be created, but had the county of Trumptonshire been created at this time, or was this added once Trumpton was created? A: The county of Trumptonshire was not envisaged until Chigley was produced.   Q: Did you originally plan to have 3 series created, each in a different location? A: No.   Q: Was it true that you burnt all the puppets so that no one else could make anymore series of the shows? A: Yes. The puppets were disintegrating and I felt that they were not fit to be seen by anyone.   Q: Do you wish you'd made more series or capitalised more on the merchandising? A: The books were extremely successful, which were followed by other merchandising.   Q: Were you happy with the final results of the shows, or were you disappointed with some aspects of it? A: I was happy with the final results.    Q: How did it become a TV Show? A: It was always intended for TV. I had been producing puppet plays for 10 years with the BBC.    Q: How long did it take to create one episode and what was the procedure? A: It took 4 Weeks to create one. First the script was created, followed by the sound recording. Next the programme was filmed and finally it was edited together.   Q: Did you enjoy making the programmes and was it stressful? A: It was certainly stressful making them. I didn't have time to enjoy it!   Q: What’s your favourite character and why? A: I have no favourites.   Q. What episode did you enjoy writing the most? A: It's such a long time ago, I can't remember!   Q: Where was the series written, created, filmed?  A: The series was written in Kensington, filmed in East London and the sound recording carried out in Ewell.   Q; Were you pleased with Brian Cant doing the voices, or did you have someone else in mind?  A: Yes I was pleased with Brian and I didn't have anyone else in mind.   Q: How did Brian get involved?  A: He was recommended by the BBC.    Q: What other shows have you written?  A: None that made much impact.   Q: What was your favourite show you worked on and why? A: Camberwick Green.   Q: What were the Puppets etc made out of?  A: They were made out of Aluminium wire, plastic sponge and ping-pong balls.   Q: How tall were the Puppets?  A: 8 inches.   Q: How long did it take you to make them?  A: ? I developed a one-man factory.   Q: Who came up with the names of the characters? (What’s the story behind them?) A: I did. The telephone directory was a great help.   Q: The show was very successful at the time, were you surprised about that?  A: I was just relived!   Q: Are you contacted about the shows much?  A: No, not at all.   Q: Once the 3 Trumptonshire programmes finished, what did you get up to?  A: I had a good rest.   Q: Are you surprised that 40 years after they were created that people are still so enthusiastic about the shows you have made? Why do you think that is?  A: The Toddler-viewers grew up. Gordon Murray Interview - Camberwick Green
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