As Steve had been kind enough to contact me about his father, Matthew Smith (the creator of The Little Green Man, I wondered what it was like growing up with a Cartoon that his father made.   Interview So I asked him a couple of questions:   Q: Were you at school at the time? and did this increase your popularity, or were they fed up of you talking about it :) A: I was at school when the Pilot was made, I was 15 I think, and to be honest, with my family it didn't seem too out of the ordinary that my dad was making a cartoon series and so don't recall any particular reaction from my school friends, several of whom had already seen my father on TV with regard to JFK.   Q: Did you get to see the show being made / meet the people involved? Can you describe your experiences of that time. A: By the time the series was made I had left school and spent one summer working with my father at the studio in Nottingham, very long hours but good fun, the studio was a buzz with artists camera operators and sound guys. I met Jon Pertwee a number of times, he was a very large man, both in stature (he was about 6.4 or 6.5) and in charisma, and had such a fantastic ability to create different voices. I met him at the Toy Fair at Earls Court where he walked around with a giant Greenie. Seeing the program aired for the first time was quite an emotional time. Throughout the making of the series we had several crisis' ranging from the quality of the film being used to staffing problems and a camera operator who sometimes over indulged a little. However my father managed to hold everything together, partly due to his ability to do every job in the studio and in fact, at some stage of production had worked the rostrum cameras, edited the film and the negatives, edited the sound, the list goes on, so when it came to staffing problems my father just put that hat on and did that job until a replacement could be found. So the day it went on TV was a great relief as well as a great achievement on my fathers side Matthew Smith Interview - Creator of The Little Green Man
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