Tony Collingwood Interview Tony Collingwood was the creator, producer & director of Captain Zed and the Zee Zone. He is one of the founders of Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment, who have also produced such shows as Oscar's Orchestra, Dennis and Gnasher and Gordon the Garden Gnome. Luckily he took some time out of his busy schedule to give us an interview about Captain Zed and the Zee Zone. We hope you enjoy it.   Interview Q: What years were the series made / shown?  A: The series was made over two years. Series 1 in 1991 - series 2 in 1992.   Q: Is that a Picture of PJ in the Synopsis? If so is this an early sketch of her, as she doesn't look like that in the programme.  A: P.J. changed her hair in the second season - (as was her prerogative.) It was "up" in season 1, and down in a "bob" for season 2.   Q: From the look of the picture, she looked better with the 'bob' :)  Was their any reasoning behind the hair change (apart from being a woman)?  A: She looked too much like a boy in season one – a second season gives you the chance to change things for the better.   Q: Can you tell us more details of the show?  A: The series was originally called "Dream Patrol!" - but Hana-Barbera came out with a show called "Nightmare Patrol" in the same year - so we changed the name at the last minute. The series was a follow on from a half hour special I made called "Rarg" (see our web site for details). Dream Patrol was going to be a half hour special, continuing the story of Rarg - but funding for a series of 13 shows was easier to get than money for a half hour special! - so Captain Zed and The Zee Zone was born. I made the first season in L.A., then came back to the U.K. to make the second season from home.   Q: From 'Dream Patrol' to 'Captain Zed and the Zee Zone'. That was a big jump in names, but it certainly makes it stick in your mind. Why Zed and Zee? Was this to make it accessible to the UK and US audiences (or just a play on names).  A: Captain Zed was spelt out for America. If he’d simply been called Captain Z, then they’d have pronounced it “zee”. The “zee zone” was for America. I always hated the name change – dream patrol is far better to my mind.   Q: Why did you come back home, any reason? And were all the voices still done out in the US? A: I prefer living in England – L.A. is fine for a year – but no more. All voices where done in Canada for both seasons – with some British kids recorded in London. I also voiced a few British guest voices – Willy Rushton being one. Great guy – sadly missed.   Q: There seemed to be quite a few in jokes - like PJ (which I didn't get!) and Larry (the Lamb) for the sheep, the feather drive! etc. Did you enjoy making it and is this your sense of humour coming through?  A: I am guilty of all the above – and yes – it was great fun to make. P.J. is called P.J. because P.J.'s is short for pyjamas - gettit?   Q: Was you satisfied with the end result? A: The show was fun – but the quality of the boarding and animation was hampered by a low budget.   Q: I liked Captain Flannel (or Flann-el as he likes to be called), who was your favourite? A: I most enjoyed writing for Larry and Flannel.   Q: Are there any plans to release it on Video / DVD?  A: The show was released on video by Palace Video in 1993 - Palace then went bankrupt (no connection!) - and nothing ever happened again.   Q. Castle Video also released it (unless this is another name for Palace) A: You’re right – I forgot about that. It’s so long ago – can’t remember the details. Tony Collingwood Interview - Captain Zed and the Zee Zone
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